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KZ Kebabs, Fish and Chips, Chicken and Pizza offers reliable renditions of traditional Burgers & Chicken, Kebab, Pizza favourites. KZ Kebabs, Fish and Chips, Chicken and Pizza is a great place to enjoy authentic Burgers & Chicken, Kebab, Pizza. KZ Kebabs, Fish and Chips, Chicken and Pizza is recognized as the ultimate in collection and takeout Burgers & Chicken, Kebab, Pizza. At KZ Kebabs, Fish and Chips, Chicken and Pizza enjoy a wide variety of delicious Burgers & Chicken, Kebab, Pizza ready to be delivered to you.

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17 Elmshott Lane
Cippenham, SL15QS

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pepperoni, salami, spicy beef, shish kebab and sweetcorn





lamb and chicken


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  • Yummy


  • Absolutely gutted I ordered and was told delivery by 19:55 I rung the restaurant at 20:15 to be told it was on my way it turned up at 20:30 and was cold as it was late I had to force my daughter to eat hers which caused tears I couldn’t reheat mine as it was covered in garlic sauce and salad so went in the bin I tried to ring the restaurant but unable to get through contact hungryhouse who contact them and told me that the restaurant offered no help. So I am extremely disgusted with the service of the restaurant and annoyed at myself for wasting my money. I wouldn’t even feed the food to a homeless dog let alone person.


  • It would be helpful if they brought us the correct is great, but delivery is always wrong...shame really


  • the pizza was horrible. the chicken was smelly and cheese was like glue.I had to throw it away after taking couple of bites


  • Completely wrong order, no phone number to call to discuss anything!


  • Food was tasty but took an age to come


  • Food was plentiful. The food was fresh and rated good. Yes I would recommend


  • Good food hot delicious and the right size for what order In other words doesn't over pack kebabs with loads of salad etc


  • Right order delivered on time. Then driver knocks on door saying we have the wrong order !! and why didn't we say anything as we have four kebabs ( there are only two of us) and I have one kebab and a chicken meal . Store had written our door number on both orders ( driver then realised we did have the right order) but wanted to take our bag back with him,


  • normally love kz and always order. today order was cold and only 6 small pieces of lamb tikka in kebab. calked to complain but they weren't interested. Shame because normally excellent


  • Good


  • It was OK not great. Chips were soggy and the fish was very oily


  • Excellent


  • I think it’s disgraceful second time ordered now and both times they have forgotten the drinks even though I have paid for them, if I pay for food and drinks I expect it to turn up


  • Only problem was the chicken donner wrap didn't say anything about spice so couldn't eat it, it was way to hot